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My Right To Choose – Jaspar Lepak | Music Single Artwork

“My Right To Choose” is a song recorded by Jaspar Lepak.

The song was written as a response to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the new Texas law that essentially bans abortion in the state.

Jaspar hired me to create the artwork for the single.  I wanted the design to be simple and straightforward to match the tone of the song.

The text resembles something you might see on a politician’s campaign yard signs because abortion rights are always such a political topic. I overlapped the text to show visually the real-life close relationship between “having rights” and “the ability to choose“.

“I am so happy with how this turned out!

— Jaspar Lepak
Singer / Songwriter

My Right To Chosoe | Jaspar Lepak

Powerful and moving.

“I am so happy with how this turned out!”

— Jaspar Lepak | Singer / Songwriter